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Custom Portrait - 2 subjects

Custom Portrait - 2 subjects

SKU: 2023-02-01
PriceFrom $125.00

Custom Portrait - 2 subjects

17"x14" Charcoal (or pencil)
(43.18 cm x 35.56 cm)

  • Beautiful custom hand-drawn CHARCOAL portraits of your most precious moments and loved ones!  This one-of-a-kind artwork is a thoughtful gift for yourself, or the special people in your life.


    • I'm happy to draw custom backgrounds, or additional details, at an additional cost.  Custom sizes are also available.  Please message me for more details!


    Please note: I draw HUMAN subjects only using professional high-quality art paper.  I will work from the photos that you send me to draw.  I do not draw subjects below the shoulders.




    You will receive a hand-drawn physical 17"x14" charcoal portrait (original or print copy), on a white background, of any TWO human subjects in a landscape (horizontal) orientation.


    (The original portrait will be hand-drawn using 17"x14" high-quality art paper ONLY.  Also, the original portrait will contain a one-inch white border surrounding the entire portrait.)





    As an option (and for an additional cost), other print sizes of the original drawing can be ordered in a glossy or matte finish:


    Landscape (horizontal) Orientation

    • 18"x12"
    • 17"x14" (original drawing or print copy)
    • 20"x16"
    • 24"x18"
    • 36"x24"
    • 48"x36"





    If you order a copy of the original print, you must select from three (3) paper finishes.  Finishes include: 


    • Standard Heavyweight Matte: 
      • 6.8 mil thick
      • Satin Finish
      • Great for glare-free display under bright lights
    • Photo Semi-Gloss:
      • 9.1 mil thick
      • Satin Finish (reduces glare)
      • Shows less glare than photo gloss
    • Photo Gloss:
      • 9.1 mil thick
      • High Shine Finish (enhances colors)
      • Ideal for vivid graphics 
      • Provides a wider range of colors than other finishes




    1) Select your desired "SIZE" and "MATERIAL" (paper finish) using the drop-down boxes directly under the listing.


    2) Once the desired size and material (finish) are selected, you may click on the text box "Describe the custom project" to leave an optional brief description of the features that you'd like me to focus on, along with any background information that may be helpful!


    3) Next, carefully read the Custom Portrait's Product/Shipping Information, and Return/Refund Policy.  Type your FULL name into the box to accept these terms.  (Note:  You may not proceed to checkout without accepting the terms.)


    4) Please attach at least TWO (2) clear photos of the subject(s) that you want drawn. To upload your images, click the "Choose Image" button. 


    • The photos of the subject(s) should be above the waistline (preferrably without a filter). If you want two subjects drawn together, you may submit photos of the subjects individually, or together. NO SCREENSHOTS PLEASE! 
    • If you are unable to upload your images during the checkout process, you may send your images to me in an email message at [].  Please include the FIRST and LAST NAME of your order in the subject line.


    5) Once your images have uploaded, click "Checkout" to complete the secure check-out process and submit your payment in full.  NOTE:  There are no returns, refunds or exchanges.


    6) Click the "Add To Cart" button to purchase your custom drawing. Once in the cart, you may click "Add A Note" to provide any additional information or questions.

    7) I'll draw your portrait and send you a preview.  Only minor adjustments may be made. 


    Please note: I will communicate with you throughout the process with questions or concerns about your portrait.  Failure to communicate or timely respond may delay shipment.  

    8) Once completed, I'll ship it out to you!  The original artwork (with my initials on front), or a print copy of the original artwork, will be delivered unframed in a secure package.  Expedited shipping is available.




    Once you place your order, I'll send you a preview in around 3-5 calendar days.  Only minor adjustments may be made.  When the portrait is completed, I'll ship it out within 3-4 business days. (Note: Copies enlarged to 36"x48"/ 48"x36" may take 7-14 business days to ship.)


    Please Note: Portraits are typically completed within 7-10 calendar days.  (This timeframe does NOT include shipping time!) 


    • Please contact me if you have an urgent date or need your portrait completed sooner, and I'll let you know if it's achievable.






    • Email:


    • CONTACT me to get in touch!


    • You may also click "Let's Chat" or "Contact Us" on the bottom right corner of the website to contact me. 


    You will receive a response within 24-48 hours.


    Thank you,

    ~D.E.M. Portraits

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