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Action Jackson


The Artist

At a very young age growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, I always had a particular eye for all forms of art. Recreating artwork using pencil, crayons, or water coloring were the only mediums available to me at that time. Nonetheless, I remained inspired to duplicate what I thought was visually stunning on paper.


Over the years that followed, recreating pictures or photos of friends and family members became an intense hobby of mine. My artwork soon caught the attention of my mother who then realized that her son was truly gifted and potentially a talented artist in the making. My mother began to diligently encourage me to study art at a higher level and pursue the possibilities of becoming a professional artist. I reluctantly agreed.


I received my formal training at Bowie State University, where I majored in Fine Arts. Although I became a student of all forms of art, such as: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Art History and Photography, it became clear that my strength was in portrait drawing. During semester breaks I would draw portraits of fellow classmates, friends and family for extra money which really excited me! Not so much because of the money, but because my artwork was in demand, and everyone really loved it.


Years later, I’m still inspired to create beautifully hand-drawn portraits with patience and care for those who admire my style of art.

Her Better Half.jpg

Vision and Mission

There are several types of mediums that I have used over the years, but my particular favorites - by far, are charcoal and color pencils.


Using charcoal pencils and charcoal vine sticks gives me, as the artist, the freedom to utilize the extreme contrast of lights and shadows in every piece that I create. Similarly, using color pencils allows me to express my artistic style with layering and creating depth in a detailed and photorealistic manner. This style of art that I’ve adopted allows me to create a high degree of realism that makes the subject matter literally jump off of the paper.


As a Portrait Artist, I can use charcoal and color pencils in a variety of ways because they can be easily spread, blended and erased. This is very important in achieving my desired goal which, is to create beautiful artwork that will be forever admired.

DEM - FL workspace.ironman.jpg
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